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The ReStoration Corner

"Why Do You Volunteer at the ReStore?"

Posted by Jared Laabs on Feb 3, 2018 10:41:00 AM

The benefits of volunteering is often unmeasurable, but several organizations have shown there are many. According to the Corporation of National Community Service, there are many intangible benefits such as improving other peoples lives and strengthening the community. There have also been studies that suggest there are significant health benefits for those who volunteer. Here at the ReStore and Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, volunteers and donors are a crucial part of fulfilling our mission of affordable housing. It's the hard work and dedication that truly strengthens our community.

If you're interested in volunteering at the ReStore or you just don't know it's the right fit for you, we asked a few people why they volunteer or work at the ReStore. 


Jill Carmody, ReStore Manager

Jill (ReStore Manager)

"Studies show volunteering makes you feel better, live longer, and helps others."

Jill's TOP TEN reasons why WINTER volunteering at the ReStore is a good idea:

  • Keeps you busy and engaged in the community
  • Work inside
  • Quieter and slower pace
  • Great time to learn a new skill, like merchandising
  • Lots of socializing opportunities
  • Coffee and snacks
  • Giving back to a great mission
  • Help build houses with just a smile
  • Lift your spirits by doing good during these dark days
  • Find treasures for yourself while you work



Gregory, ReStore Volunteer

Gregory (Volunteer)

"It feels good to work. It's a low-key environment and staff are awesome."

"[Habitat/ReStore] Helps people with affordable housing."



Andrese, ReStore Volunteer

Andrese (Volunteer)

"I'm a part of my school's Corporate Work Study Program. I earn funds from volunteering that go into a college fund."

"I like the manual labor and customers are really nice."

"I like hearing about customers' projects, and helping them find what they need."



ReStore Warehouse

Elizabeth (Volunteer)

(not shown in the photo)

"I go to Avalon School, which is a project-based school nearby. Students are matched with businesses [organizations] and volunteering is a part of the coursework."

"I want to learn more about Habitat and housing issues."



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